Corydon Cowansage: Seed

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Open: Wed-Sat noon-5pm

515 West 20th Street, Suite 3N, NY 10011, New York, United States
Open: Wed-Sat noon-5pm


Corydon Cowansage: Seed

to Sat 28 May 2022

515 West 20th Street, Suite 3N, NY 10011 Corydon Cowansage: Seed

Wed-Sat noon-5pm

Sean Horton (Presents) hosts Seed — a solo exhibition of new paintings by Corydon Cowansage that showcases the artist’s vibrant and dynamic meditations on organic and biomorphic forms. The exhibition coincides with the artist’s inclusion in a two-person booth at the New Art Dealers Alliance Art Fair.

Sean Horton Presents Corydon Cowansage 1

Sean Horton Presents Corydon Cowansage 2

Sean Horton Presents Corydon Cowansage 3

Sean Horton Presents Corydon Cowansage 4

Sean Horton Presents Corydon Cowansage 5

Sean Horton Presents Corydon Cowansage 6

Corydon Cowansage magnifies shapes, patterning, and movements found in nature and the body and then further enlivens them through tightly cropped perspectives, bold color palettes, and disorienting optical effects. In her latest series of paintings, the artist alludes to things like touching lips, leaves, tongues, splitting cells, drips, wrinkles, waves, teeth, flowers, and skin. Speaking to the influence of science, biology, and microscopic view, the artist states: “I use scale to push that strangeness further — so forms that are suggestive of something small or even microscopic are huge.”

Cowansage’s abstractions suggests a macro / micro view of the natural world, which also gives the paintings a physical presence that feels rooted in reality, materiality, and objecthood. In Drops (Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Blue), [2022], lingual forms and elongated droplets squeeze and bend into a turquoise background. The uncanny liveliness of Cowansage’s paintings is accomplished through her meticulous attention to light, value, and shadow. A recurring combination of undulating and diagonal lines encodes the paintings with a sense of movement that contracts and expands, emphasizing a pulsing quality that brings each composition to life.

Corydon Cowansage (b. 1985, Philadelphia, PA) lives and works in New York. The artist received a MFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design and a BA in Studio Art from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. She has participated in residencies at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York and the Yale Norfolk School of Art, New Haven, CT. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Chart, New York, NY; Koki Arts, Tokyo, JP; and Deli Projects, Basel, CH. Her work is currently featured in The Entelechians (curated by Rob & Eric Thomas-Suwall) at Ruschman, Chicago, IL.

Courtesy of the artist and Sean Horton (Presents), New York

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