Hannah Beerman: Sunspots and Underpants

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Open: Tue-Fri noon-7pm, Sat 3pm-7pm

Via Ripense 6, 00153, Rome, Italy
Open: Tue-Fri noon-7pm, Sat 3pm-7pm


Hannah Beerman: Sunspots and Underpants


Hannah Beerman: Sunspots and Underpants
to Sat 21 May 2022
Tue-Fri noon-7pm, Sat 3pm-7pm
Artist: Hannah Beerman

T293 presents “Sunspots and Underpants”, Hannah Beerman’s solo show part of the Also on View project. On display a series of small-scale assemblage paintings.

T293 Hannah Beerman 1

T293 Hannah Beerman 2

The practice of Hannah Beerman (b. 1992, NY) largely revolves around the process of creation itself, focusing on the map-making of her thoughts and life experiences. Her curious and eruptive collage paintings combine found and collected items with thick drops and soft strokes of oil and acrylic paint, as well as pencil, glue, and more. When it comes to creative process, for Beerman no material is off the table: everything becomes painting, therefore painting becomes everything.

For “Sunspots and Underpants”, her first exhibition outside the US, Hannah Beerman proposes a series of small scale, travel size works that engage with topics such as daily comfort zones and hidden idiosyncrasies. The artist defines her pieces as single individuals that stands as members of a wider but intimate community and each painting is intimately connected to Hannah herself and to each other work. Through her restless process the artist constantly exchanges elements from one piece to another, creating a guttural language filled both with irony and joy.

Through her practice the artist is constantly asking herself how to attribute meaning and glue together the infinity of emotions we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis and usually struggle to deal with. Interested in how to make these feelings fit in pictorially, through her artworks Beerman explores the visceral aspects of materials to communicate particular longings, giving shape to a very personal diary whose relatability to the viewer is undeniable.

Also on view: Hannah Beerman, April 26 - May 21, 2022

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